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Games for Fun, Fitness & Learning is one of the shelf-full of titles for young people, parents and English-learners written by Kathi Wyldeck.

Other titles include:

  • How to Write – Writing Lessons for Middle School
  • Family Games
  • Essential English (Books I, II & III)
  • Grammar & Vocab Games for Children
  • English for Everyone (Books I and II)
  • English – A Comprehensive Course: Grades 3 to 5
  • English – A Comprehensive Course: Grades 5 to 7
  • English – A Comprehensive Course: Grades 7 to 9
  • How to Write an Essay
  • Writing Practice Workbook
  • A Cub’s Own Guide to a Good Life

You can buy all of these books directly from Kathi’s bookstore on Lulu. Many of the books are available both in bound, print form and as inexpensive downloads, so you can choose the version which suits your needs.

British, US and Australian editions

Games for Fun, Fitness and Learning and Grammar & Vocab Games for Children are both available in editions for the USA, the UK and Australia. Each edition reflects the national spelling, idioms and usage.

Activities for groups large and small

Games for Fun, Fitness and Learning contains 339 activities, and is divided into three main sections: physical and mental, life skill, and educational. The physical and mental games are for fun and fitness, and can be enjoyed at birthday parties, family get-togethers and weekend outings. The life skill games are designed especially for Cub and Brownie Leaders, and include map and compass reading, knotting, first aid, home safety and outdoor cooking. The educational games include fun activities in maths, English, science, history, geography, foreign languages, art and music. Teachers and home-schooling families will find this section instructive, stimulating and very unusual.

The games are suitable for 7 to 17 year olds, and some of the activities will stretch the minds of even the cleverest teenagers.

While Games for Fun, Fitness and Learning is perfect for larger groups, Family Games contains over 300 games specially designed for entertaining and teaching small groups of children (from 1 to 6 players).

Family Games is organised along the same lines as Games for Fun, Fitness and Learning, with sections devoted to physical and mental games, life skills, and educational games.

Books From Pascal Press

Kathi has also written two titles available directly from Pascal Press in Australia:


All You Need to Know About Grammar

All You Need to Know about Grammar introduces and explains all the main concepts of grammar to students in Years 5–10. By understanding grammar and using it correctly, students can gain more confidence in English and greatly improve their reading, comprehension and writing skills.

In this book you will find

  • comprehensive information on all the main aspects of English grammar;
  • clear definitions and examples of each grammatical concept;
  • practice tasks to reinforce your understanding of each new idea;
  • vocabulary, general knowledge and further reading resources;
  • a detailed answer section.


Everyday Spelling and Grammar

Everyday Spelling and Grammar is your easy guide to:

  • the correct use of punctuation;
  • the basic rules of spelling and grammar;
  • how to write effective letters;
  • how to spell tricky words;
  • tips for preparing interest-grabbing résumés;
  • definitions and explanations of language terms.

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