Half & Half

Age Range: All age groups

Players Required: 2 or more, plus parent

Materials: 1 piece of newspaper per pair of players

Directions: Arrange the players into pairs. Give each pair a large piece of newspaper (Broadsheet).

On “Go”, each pair must stand on their piece of paper. Then the parent should call out “Halve it!” and the pairs must fold their sheets in half, along any axis they like, and again stand on their paper, with at least one foot from each player on their page.

No player is allowed to put the other foot on the floor, but should keep it raised. Players must hold their position for three seconds. If anyone falls off before this time, their team is out of the game.

Again the parent should call “Halve it!” and the pairs must halve their paper again.

At some point, this game appears to be impossible to continue, and unless the players can think laterally, they will lose. The secret is to fold the paper lengthways instead of crossways, and the chances of survival will be dramatically improved.


Story: The Night I Saw the Tooth Fairy

Opinion: Generally speaking, boys are better at maths and girls are better at English.


General Knowledge Quiz #7

See if you know the answers to these questions. If you don’t, find out from an encyclopaedia or atlas.


  1. What causes the seasons?
  2. Where is the Tropic of Capricorn?


  1. What was the difference between Palaeolithic and Neolithic societies?
  2. Would Homo erectus have used tools and cooked his dinner?


  1. │-12 – – 6│ =

Finished? Click to check your answers.

  1. The tilt of the Earth
  2. The line of latitude that runs around the Earth at 23.5° South
  1. Palaeolithic people (Old Stone Age) were nomadic hunters and gatherers. Neolithic people (New Stone Age) planted crops and lived in small villages.
  2. Yes
  1. 6