Race of the adverbs

Sit the children down on the floor in a big circle, with legs crossed, and tell them that they are all adverbs.

Walking around the circle, give each player an adverb identity. The first child could be an Adverb of Manner, the second an Adverb of Time, the third an Adverb of Place, and the fourth an Adverb of Quantity, and so on around the circle.

Now tell the children that you are going to call out a sentence. They must all listen and work out what type of adverb has been used. The children who belong to that adverb type must then get up, race around the circle, in a clockwise direction, and try to be the first back to their places. The first player home wins a point.

If a player gets up with the wrong identity, he must sit back down, uncross one leg and put it straight out, to show that he has made a mistake. This player is not out of the game and can keep playing. If any player with a leg out gets up at the wrong time again, he must put both legs straight out. If this player makes a third mistake, he is out of the game.

Keep playing and let the children gain points, or put their legs out, for as long as the players are having fun. Then find the winning player.

Sentences could include some of the following:

  • Jill reads slowly. (Manner)
  • Tim spells badly. (Manner)
  • We came home late. (Time)
  • Look up there. (Place)
  • The weather is really cold. (Quantity)
  • They will arrive soon. (Time)
  • It is extremely hot in a sauna. (Quantity)
  • Yesterday was my birthday. (Time)
  • Please come here, Julie. (Place)
  • The earthquake hit suddenly. (Manner)
  • The birds in the trees sing sweetly. (Manner)
  • Go inside and get your coat. (Place)
  • David was so cold that his lips turned blue. (Quantity)


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General Knowledge Quiz #6

See if you know the answers to these questions. If you don’t, find out from an encyclopaedia.


  1. Name the five main levels of the atmosphere.
  2. What are cosmic rays?


  1. Fill in the blanks in these book titles
  • Wuthering ______
  • The Pickwick ______
  • Fahrenheit ______
  • Oliver ______
  • Animal ______
  • Journey to the Centre of ______
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues ______
  • War of the ______
  • The Invisible ______
  • The Count of ______
  • Anne of Green ______
  • I, ______


  1. Name the instruments that belong to the String section of the orchestra.

Finished? Click to check your answers.

  1. Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere, Exosphere
  2. Sub-atomic particles, mainly positively-charged protons, entering the atmosphere from Space
  1. Wuthering Heights, The Pickwick Papers, Fahrenheit 451, Oliver Twist, Animal Farm, Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, The Count of Monte Cristo, Anne of Green Gables, I, Robot (or I, Claudius).
  1. Violin, viola, cello, double bass.