Which type?

Age Range: 9 to 14 year olds

Materials: A variety of musical styles to listen to, sound system.


  1. Talk to the players about all the different styles of music that exist, not only in our own culture, but all around the world. See how many they can think of, such as: classical, contemporary, jazz, popular, rock, heavy metal, reggae, soul, blues, folk, religious, instrumental, film music, cartoon music, opera, musicals, Scottish bagpipes, South American flutes, Spanish guitar, Flamenco, Indian, Chinese, Aboriginal, African, Maori, Hawaiian and so on. Play as many examples of the different musical styles as you can, especially concentrating on the less well-known varieties.
  2. Now, divide the players into four teams, and ask them to sit down and listen while you play a piece of music.
  3. The first team to call out the correct style wins a point. If a player calls out a wrong answer, he scores a minus point.
  4. Keep playing until as many examples of musical styles as possible have been identified, and see which team has scored the most points.


Instructions: How to Tie a Shoelace

Report: What did Aristarchus and Copernicus have in common?


General Knowledge Quiz #26

See if you know the answers to these questions. If you don’t, find out from an encyclopaedia.


  1. What is the difference between a meteor and a meteorite?
  2. What is the difference between an asteroid and a comet?


  1. British and American English are different. Give the British equivalent of these American words: cookie, movie, fall, gasoline, apartment, wrench, railroad, skillet, automobile, hood, trunk, eraser, faucet, flashlight, streetcar, trash, drugstore, fender, vacation, candy, sidewalk, freight train, suspenders, soda, brook, thumb tack, elevator.


  1. Which great composer wrote 373 orchestral works, 227 songs, and 98 sacred and dramatic pieces before he died at just thirty-five years of age?


Finished? Click to check your answers.
  1. A meteor is incoming matter from Space that burns up in the Earth’s atmosphere before reaching the ground. A meteorite survives the fall and actually hits the ground.
  2. Asteroids are rocky planetoids which orbit the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Comets are icy dust balls that have elliptical orbits that take them way out beyond the orbits of the planets. On their return towards the Sun, some of their ice melts, creating tails of vapour streaming out behind them.
  1. biscuit, film, autumn, petrol, flat, spanner, railway, frying pan, car, bonnet, boot, rubber, tap, torch, tram, rubbish, chemist, bumper bar, holiday, sweets, pavement, goods train, braces, soft drink, stream, drawing pin, lift.
  1. Mozart.