Fire Engines

Age Range: All age groups

Materials: 1 small bucket of water, with water level indicated by pen mark, and 1 empty cup per team. All buckets should be identical to aid in measuring the water remaining at the game’s end.

Directions: Split the players into teams, and stand them in relay fashion at one end of the field.

Place a bucket of water for each team at the other end of the field, marked with its water level.

Give each team an empty cup.

On “Go”, the first players run with their cups to the buckets, fill them up and run to the back of their teams, back down around the bucket, and back to their teams again, and again back to the buckets. They throw the water back into the bucket, and return to their teams, giving the second players the cups.

The relay carries on in this way till all the players have run with the water.

At the end of the race, the Leaders check the volumes in the buckets, and the winning team is the one which has spilt the least amount of water.


Letter to a Friend: About your holiday in Antarctica.

Story, starting with: I just couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. One quick look wouldn’t matter…


General Knowledge Quiz #11

See if you know the answers to these questions. If you don’t, find out from an encyclopaedia.


  1. What is an archipelago?
  2. Give an example


  1. What was the Reign of Terror?
  2. What was the Reformation?


  1. What is the area of a parallelogram with a length of 16 units and a height of 6 units?
  2. What is a scalene triangle?

Finished? Click to check your answers.

  1. A chain of islands.
  2. Examples include: Indonesia, Japan, The Aleutian Islands.
  1. The seizure of power by the working people, during the French Revolution, and the decapitation by guillotine of King Louis XVI and his queen, plus hundreds of churchmen and noblemen.
  2. The splitting up of the Christian Church into Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, between 1517 and 1648, as a result of corruption in the priesthood.
  1. 96 square units.
  2. A triangle with all sides and all angles different from each other.