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The games and books on this site were created by Kathi Wyldeck.

Kathi lives in Hobart, Australia. She has had broad experience in both the arts and sciences, working at hospitals and universities as a biological technician in clinical endocrinology and molecular genetics research, and for the past decade as an English tutor and author of five grammar books. As a mother of three active boys, she has spent ten years as a Cub Scout Leader, organising games programs for groups of children, as well as home-schooling her third child.

Her recreational interests over the years have included surfing, hiking, alpine and cross-country skiing, skydiving, hot-air ballooning, astronomy, history and world travel.

She regards the fun and games involved in rearing and educating her own children, her Cubs and her English pupils as the highlights of her life.

A note about international English

Although I use Australian spelling on this site, my books Games for Fun, Fitness and Learning and Grammar and Vocabulary Games for Children are both available in Australian, US and British editions to reflect the different spelling and idioms used in those countries.

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