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Kathi Wyldeck is an Australian writer, teacher of English, tutor, and mother of three.

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I home-school my children, and all of these games really do provide fun, fitness and learning.

Esther Park

This book of games is like no other. It’s got something for everyone from child to adult. The educational and life skill games are fantastic. The physical and mental games will definitely help to get you fit and exercise your brain cells.


‘Everyday spelling and grammar’ is the best book I’ve ever read on grammar and spelling. I never realised how much was involved in the study of grammar because they never taught us about this subject properly at school.

Andrew Hunter

My 10-year-old daughter just loves ‘Essential English Book 2’, and I am also learning a few things that I didn’t know about grammar!

Emily Jackson

“How to write an essay” is not merely a handy guide to writing essays; it also helps with all types of writing, from resumes to scientific reports. Easy to read and easily digested, with lots of exercises to hone your skills.

Rose H.

This book is different from any other games book I’ve ever seen. It starts off with the old favourites that I used to play as a boy, then has a stack of new ones, including indoor, outdoor, school playground and campfire games.


It’s so good to see the students learn while they play, and these games really help me to do my job better and more easily. If you believe in practical, active learning, then get this book.

Wendy C.

I’m an ESL teacher and the vocab and grammar games are a real hit with my pupils. The games are great at reinforcing the lessons just taught, and help children to practise and revise their work while enjoying some fun games.


What a collection of games! You name it – it’s here! Fast and slow games, inside and outside games, physical and mental games, games that teach children valuable life skills like first-aid, navigation, and outdoor cooking, plus academic games to practice English, math, science, foreign languages, history, geography, art and music.

Jamie O.